HERCUTEC Isopentane (C5H12)

Isopentane (systematic name: 2-methylbutane or methylbutane) is an organic chemical compound with 5 C atoms and the molecular formula C₅H₁₂. Under normal pressure, the boiling point of this colorless and highly volatile liquid is 28 °C. Isopentane is highly flammable, so proper handling is imperative.

The alkane is hardly soluble in water, but is soluble in most organic solvents. Isopentane is used primarily in the production of isoprene and insecticides and as a solvent for oils and fats.

You can get our HERCUETEC Isopentane in pure form or as a mixture in combination with other pentanes. Please contact us so that our team of experts can provide you with comprehensive advice and, if desired, concrete suggestions for solutions for your intended use.



CAS Nr.: 78-78-4 EG Nr.: 201-142-8

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