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Environmentally friendly & always available – our pentanes

As an environmentally friendly alternative to ozone-depleting blowing agents, pentanes have proven their worth above all as refrigerants and in the production of insulating materials. But the possibilities go far beyond that: for example, pentanes can be used in container and roller shutter construction, in shaving gels and even in toothpaste. The hydrocarbons are non-toxic and have no effect whatsoever on the ozone layer – which is why it more than pays to make the switch, especially in the far-sighted planning of one’s own production.

In addition, pentanes derived from petrochemical manufacturing processes are available in large quantities. This ensures long-term supply at favorable conditions. Thanks to a special storage system, we can load and reliably deliver pentanes all year round – flexibly and in any desired quantity. And, of course, with consistently high quality and purity.

Our product portfolio comprises three types of pentanes: n-pentane, isopentane and cyclopentane. These three isomers can be mixed with each other indefinitely, allowing us to produce mixtures entirely according to your individual requirements. We would be happy to provide you with detailed advice on the possibilities here and make valuable recommendations for your production processes.

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HERCUTEC Pentane - the advantages

environmentally friendly


Our HERCUTEC pentanes are halogen-free and have no effect on the depletion of the ozone layer. The GWP as well as the VOC value are also extremely low compared to the CFC-11 used in the past. Furthermore, pentanes do not exhibit any toxic properties.



As blowing agents, pentanes are very effective and also available in large quantities. This means they can be used cost-effectively – in production processes of any size. For this purpose, we are happy to be at your side as a reliable and long-term partner.



Isopentane, n-pentane and cycolpentane can be mixed with each other indefinitely. This allows us to respond completely to your individual requirements and provide you with the appropriate mixtures. Of course, we are happy to provide detailed advice on the best options for your application.

optimal for PUR & PIR processing

In addition to the advantages mentioned, pentanes have optimum properties especially for PUR & PIR processing: they are soluble in polyols and at the same time sparingly soluble in the foam matrix, are non-toxic and exhibit low thermal conductivity and a low diffusion rate.

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As a responsible chemical company, we are focusing on sustainable solutions for the world of tomorrow, while at the same time retaining a sense of the tried-and-tested with its inherent strength – which is what makes our progress possible in the first place. We therefore also have a comprehensive product portfolio in traditional petrochemicals, and here we are embarking on the exciting transformation that the industry will undergo in the coming years. So it’s best to familiarize yourself with our entire portfolio so that we can provide you with even more comprehensive support in the future.

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